Marchack Center for Advanced Education


Removable complete dentures continue to be the only solution for edentulous arches when patients cannot afford implant supported fixed rehabilitations or simply do not want contemporary fixed reconstructions on 4 or more implants. However, especially with the mandibular removable complete denture, retention and function can be greatly improved with as little as two implants and retentive abutments or bars. This workshop will discuss the advantages and disadvantages and the indications for retentive devices such as Hader bars and Locator abutments, as well as the options for fixed implant supported prostheses. Options for fixed complete dentures supported by 4 or more implants will be presented.


• Decision making and treatment planning for removable vs fixed complete dentures   supported by implants

• Understand implant supported removable overdentures vs overdentures that are  stabilized by implants but are still tissue supported

• Understand implant how Locator abutments function

• How to make accurate full arch implant impressions

• Fixed provisionalization options with implants for fully edentulous arches

Fixed and Removable Implant Supported Solutions for Fully Edentulous Arches

A Two-Day Workshop (Module 2: The Fully Edentulous Arch)

Presented by Baldwin Marchack, DDS, MBA and Christopher Marchack, DDS

​CEU’s: 14 credit hours 


•  Standard of care

•  Treatment planning for fully edentulous arches

•  Indications and contraindications for fixed vs removable

•  Advantages and disadvantages of fixed vs removable

•  Implant retained vs implant supported solutions

•  Removable options for fully edentulous arches

•  Fixed options for fully edentulous arches

•  Number of implants required for various situations

•  Surgical guides for ideal implant placement

•  CBCT scans, digital planning and digitally workflows


  • Insert locator abutments to implants
  • Retrofit locator abutment denture caps to an existing denture
  • Make impressions for locator abutments if a new denture is to be fabricated
  • Fabricate a surgical guide by duplicating an existing removable full denture
  • Convert a removable complete denture into a fixed provisional prosthesis
  • Make accurate full arch implant impressions


• Number of implants

•  Locator abutments

•  Bars and super-structures


•  Cement vs screw retained restorations

•  Biomechanics and occlusion

•  Splinting at implant level, abutment level and restoration level

•  Angulated screw channels

•  Provisionalization options

•  Accurate impression techniques for multiple implants

•  Material selection

SUMMARY: This session is intended for clinicians who already have some working knowledge of implant dentistry.  In this course, participants will gain confidence and proficiency in restoring most full arch implant supported situations. Various fixed and removable options will be presented. Both internal and external connections will be discussed, as well as the use of non-engaging multi-unit abutments. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops on both days. On day one the lecture will focus on removable implant assisted solutions. Attendees will participate in exercises to pick up attachments for overdentures on Locator abutments, and learn how to take impressions of these abutments. On day two, the lecture will focus on fixed implant supported solutions. Participants will learn techniques for accurate full arch implant impressions, fabricating provisionals for fully edentulous arches, converting a removable complete denture into a fixed provisional. and learning how to assess the fit of full arch metal or zirconia bars and frameworks.